Aren’t You Afraid Your Friends or Family Will See This Blog?

The Answer: Not at all!

Why? A long time ago, I made the decision to embrace having a very small penis, and not have any anxiety or be insecure. Actually being open about my size and not embarrassed by it, is a great relief.

We have friends who know I’m small who I will even joke with about my size. Sometimes joking about it with them, helps reinforce that I am not in the least bit bothered by it. Some of them have even read this blog and think its awesome. They have learned that I do not need to hear, “oh its not small”, as I would prefer them to be honest and just admit, its small. I’m honest with myself that it’s small and I’m ok with that. My wife is honest that its small, and I actually appreciate the honesty.

Up until a few days ago, I was convinced I was 100% over all embarrassment. Then I sent a text accidentally to my sister mentioning something about my blog, though nothing about its content. She kept asking me about the blog and for the first time in a long time, I was completely embarrassed and thought no way did I want her knowing. My wife said, “I thought you were not embarrassed by your size and the blog, it seems you still are”. So I finally fessed up and said, “Its quite embarrassing”. She again said to just tell her what it was about, so I decided to just come clean and said it was a small penis support blog and provided her the link, while turning 10 shades of red.

As it turns out, she called me and immediately said, “You’re wrong, you’re not small!” I thanked her for trying to spare my feelings, but I told her my exact size and said I don’t have a complex or any hangup about my size. I know I’m very small and I am completely ok with it. I explained that the purpose of this blog was not to so much help those who fear they are too small, but to help those who realize they are small and are ok with it also. It’s also to help the wives with questions they might have if they are not sure how to ask their husband.

I explained to her how many years ago, I decided to not be embarrassed about having a very small penis. I said I did not need to hear “your not small”. Furthermore I explained how there can be things you have to deal with being small, like finding condoms that fit, sex positions that work for both husband and wife, etc, and I hoped to help others, so they did not have to reinvent the wheel with finding information.

My sister was completely supportive of what I was doing with the site and was relieved I’m really ok with being small. She just said, “I love you and I’m glad we are able to talk about this and if we can talk about your small penis, we can pretty much talk about anything which is awesome!” She joked, “When you said you had a very small penis, I was just trying to call to say you weren’t small but you had to go and convince me”. Haha, just telling the truth. She said, “So what that your really small, there are far worse things you could have in life”. Very true.

This conversion started out embarrassing, but turned into one of the best conversations. I learned she was actually glad I could confide in her, no matter what the topic is, and I in turn, was also quite grateful, that we could openly discuss any topic, no matter how embarrassing it might be. A great weight, that still existed, was instantly lifted off my shoulders. This meant quite a lot to me, more than she can know.

It’s not that I am proud to have a very small penis…..I am proud that I can embrace being very small.

Panties: He said he wears them to support his smaller size?


          Panties:  He said he wears them to support his smaller size?

We received a question from a wife, concerned, when she found out her husband is wearing panties.
Her first thought, “Is he gay or a crossdresser?”

First off, who cares what kind, color, or brand of underwear your husband wants to wear….its just underwear, silly.  Plain and simple.  Him wearing panties no more makes him gay or a crossdresser than it does you for wearing his boxers or his button down shirt.  It’s just underwear.  It’s not like anyone other than you are going to see them.

If you are worried someone might accidentally see the waistband of his panties or anything of the like, don’t be.  Most likely no one would think anything of it.  If someone ever did mention to you they thought he was wearing panties, and you felt the need to converse with them about it.  Just tell them “No, they are actually sexy men’s undies I bought him”.  I’m sure the conversation would just end there.  Search for “men’s nylon bikini underwear”.  You’ll pull up thousands of styles, colors, etc. of men’s bikini underwear that looks very similar to women’s panties.

Underwear has nothing to do with your husbands masculinity.  It’s just underwear.  Instead of worrying about it, just embrace it.  You can have fun and joke with him about it.  “Hey honey, don’t get your…..panties in a bunch”, or “You must have your panties wound too tight this morning”.  Or you can take the sexy approach, “Oooh, honey, looking sexy in those tonight”, especially if he is in a bad mood.  Any sexual comment from our wives seems to turn us from bad mood, to good mood which is just how we men are wired.  Again, it’s just underwear.

So to ultimately answer your question.  Could he be wearing them to support his smaller size?

Some men prefer boxers, some briefs, some both.  Sometimes you might prefer boxers to go “free-balling”, then other days, want a little support, especially while exercising or being active.

Here is a test for the wives.  One day, take a small cloth bag and put two golf balls and a mini tube of toothpaste into the bag.  Strap or tape the bag to the front your panties and walk around doing your normal activities for the day.  You will find many times everything in the bag gets squished or just flat  get in the way.  Now go walk around the block, do the elliptical or yoga.  The bag and its contents will swing and bounce all over the place which can make things uncomfortable.  Its no different than you wearing a jog bra while exercising.

So yes, he might want bikini, brief, thong, whatever type of underwear for support.  Jock straps absolutely suck.  They tend to smash everything into your body in order to support your package.  Very uncomfortable!  Tighty-whitey” briefs suck, as they stretch out too much in the first hour of wearing them.

So now we come to men’s bikini or brief underwear designed with a pouch in the front.  Most are designed very similar to women’s panties, made of nylon/spandex or microfiber, they just have a pouch in the front for our package.  So basically panties with a pouch in front.

For less-endowed men, that pouch can be too large, losing the support.  So now, there are many women’s panties that are very soft, light and stretchy.   They are designed to be flat in the front, but can stretch to accommodate a mans smaller package, and be quite form fitting, thus providing great support.

So yes, the panties can be strictly for comfort and support.  He might wear them for a variety of reasons, wear a variety of styles or colors of them, but it boils down to
“Its just underwear, who cares”.

PS.  The panties I wore to demonstrate are “C’s” Hanes Her Way microfiber panties.  High-cut brief.  They are a very thin, light, stretchy material.  You can tell from the photos, they conform very well to my tiny package, but also stretch very well when needed.  And if your are small, you still stay in the panties while they stretch which is nice.


Penis Pumps: Facts and Fiction

IMG_7265.JPGCan Penis Pumps really enlarge your penis? Not really as far as long term, but they can help temporarily by bringing more blood flow to the penis.

Also, for those of us men who are over 40, we sometimes need the help for full erections. Viagra is wonderful for helping with this, but sometimes a pump can provide a little added help with the blood flow. I have personally found, if I use my pump for about 5 or 10 minutes a day or even every other day, it just helps to get a faster and stronger erection when it is needed.

So now if your penis is extra small as mine is, the reality is most pumps are actually too large and won’t get a good seal around your skin and/or start pulling your balls into the pump. Yes, Ouch!

“C” has probably purchased 7 or 8 Penis Pumps from various adult toy stores and brought them home, only to find out they are too large in circumference. The length does not matter so much, although she finally found one that was only about 6 inches in length, and had changeable rubber seals on the end. Luckily, she just told the saleswoman that my penis was small, about the size and girth of her finger, and she was having difficulty finding a pump to fit my size.

For me personally, the smallest seal is still a bit too large for me.  “C” suggested I put a rubber cock ring on first, to help with the seal. Perfect! This works great! Now you may think, where do I find a cock ring that will actually stay on my smaller size. There are rubber finger rings designed to stimulate women. We use those for cock rings.

Condom Size: Finding Smaller Can Be Difficult

For many of us lesser endowed men, condoms can be a real headache.
When we first were married, condoms were all standard size.  We kept having the issue with the condom coming off inside her.  What a pain!  We resorted to using rubber bands to help keep the condoms on.  This worked ok, though sometimes the rubber band could chafe “C”.

A few years later, they came out with Snugger Fit condoms.  Finally condoms for the smaller penis.  Unfortunately these were still too large for me, and they still came off during sex.  Luckily we decided to not use condoms when we were trying to have kids.

A couple years ago I saw a company in the UK, that started making condoms for various sizes, including smaller ones.  I decided to order one to see how they fit, more out of curiosity.  The smallest size was 47mm , smaller than the Snugger Fit condoms, but still would slip off of me.  Also, they are not sold in the US, but were available via eBay.  I decided to search for smaller and finally found that in various areas of Europe and Asia, there were smaller condoms available.  I purchased the Personage Ultra-small brand located in bottom photo.  They are 45mm and I can say I finally found one that would stay on.  After all these years its sad that the smaller condoms are still not available in the US.