Aren’t You Afraid Your Friends or Family Will See This Blog?

The Answer: Not at all!

Why? A long time ago, I made the decision to embrace having a very small penis, and not have any anxiety or be insecure. Actually being open about my size and not embarrassed by it, is a great relief.

We have friends who know I’m small who I will even joke with about my size. Sometimes joking about it with them, helps reinforce that I am not in the least bit bothered by it. Some of them have even read this blog and think its awesome. They have learned that I do not need to hear, “oh its not small”, as I would prefer them to be honest and just admit, its small. I’m honest with myself that it’s small and I’m ok with that. My wife is honest that its small, and I actually appreciate the honesty.

Up until a few days ago, I was convinced I was 100% over all embarrassment. Then I sent a text accidentally to my sister mentioning something about my blog, though nothing about its content. She kept asking me about the blog and for the first time in a long time, I was completely embarrassed and thought no way did I want her knowing. My wife said, “I thought you were not embarrassed by your size and the blog, it seems you still are”. So I finally fessed up and said, “Its quite embarrassing”. She again said to just tell her what it was about, so I decided to just come clean and said it was a small penis support blog and provided her the link, while turning 10 shades of red.

As it turns out, she called me and immediately said, “You’re wrong, you’re not small!” I thanked her for trying to spare my feelings, but I told her my exact size and said I don’t have a complex or any hangup about my size. I know I’m very small and I am completely ok with it. I explained that the purpose of this blog was not to so much help those who fear they are too small, but to help those who realize they are small and are ok with it also. It’s also to help the wives with questions they might have if they are not sure how to ask their husband.

I explained to her how many years ago, I decided to not be embarrassed about having a very small penis. I said I did not need to hear “your not small”. Furthermore I explained how there can be things you have to deal with being small, like finding condoms that fit, sex positions that work for both husband and wife, etc, and I hoped to help others, so they did not have to reinvent the wheel with finding information.

My sister was completely supportive of what I was doing with the site and was relieved I’m really ok with being small. She just said, “I love you and I’m glad we are able to talk about this and if we can talk about your small penis, we can pretty much talk about anything which is awesome!” She joked, “When you said you had a very small penis, I was just trying to call to say you weren’t small but you had to go and convince me”. Haha, just telling the truth. She said, “So what that your really small, there are far worse things you could have in life”. Very true.

This conversion started out embarrassing, but turned into one of the best conversations. I learned she was actually glad I could confide in her, no matter what the topic is, and I in turn, was also quite grateful, that we could openly discuss any topic, no matter how embarrassing it might be. A great weight, that still existed, was instantly lifted off my shoulders. This meant quite a lot to me, more than she can know.

It’s not that I am proud to have a very small penis…..I am proud that I can embrace being very small.

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