Self-Acceptance Leads To Confidence


By happenstance I crossed path’s with a female friend from my high school days, by researching sex self-help on various websites.   After I said hello we messaged back and forth and I spoke about this blog to her.   She thought my blog was a great idea as she has known a few men who also had small penis’s which would not have been a problem, except they let their small size affect their confidence in the bedroom.

She is a very open minded person sexually and believes whatever works for a couple to have a great sex life and great relationship, is the right thing.  She said, “For a man to be able to openly talk about his penis being very small, is the ultimate acceptance of this fact and leads to better communication with his partner.

Most all sex therapists say the key to a great marriage and sex life is communication. “C” and I were married years before really began to communicate.  As I stated in another post.  Once I was able to finally tell her I realized my penis was too small for her body, she saw that it did not bother me
and we really begin to communicate for the first time in many years.  Once she finally admitted that she too realized my penis was too small for her body,  we both realized we can talk about anything having to do with sex and/or our relationship.

Basically for me its the old saying, “Why worry about what you can not change”.  I really admire “C” for finally being able to admit to me that my penis could not meet her sexual needs which was very difficult for her to say.  She did tell me she still loved me and we can just work around it just like any other issues couples face.

This was so wonderful for me.  Now I completely accepted the fact that my penis was very small but that I am ok with that.  And she completely accepted the fact that my penis was too small to meet her sexual needs, but she was ok with this also.  Wow, what a great wife I have!

“C” explained it this way:
“It’s the reassurance for me that even though I can not sexually meet her needs due to my very small size, she stays with me for the emotional bond and our love together.”

Wow, this made me realize, she is giving up a lot for me, which is true love.  So I began to think proactively and logically as to what I can do for her.

3 thoughts on “Self-Acceptance Leads To Confidence”

  1. I totaly understand your problem with the size.. I had the same problem with my husband. I didn’t know how to tell him that I don’t get satisfied in bed. I could easily orgasm vaginally with my ex and previous lovers. I love my husband and could have been happy without vaginal orgasms but I missed it. I felt bad cause he would get so frustrated trying to make me orgasm and wanted to try everything to make it happen. I finally was just honest and let him know why and said, why don’t we just use a larger dildo and I would be just as happy. He said he felt so relieved that I took all the pressure off of his lack of performance. Our communication and sex life has gotten so much better. I hope more women and couples read your blog.

  2. I am one of the other female friends who our mutual friend mentioned your site to me. And i also grew up with you. Kudos for you to have the balls to be open with the world about your shortcomings. Have you thought about bringing in another man who can satisfy her just as a friends with benefits. I have a friend in the same situation and it works well for them? Anyway, I want this post to be anonymous, but I will email you and let you know who I am which i feel is only fair.

    1. Hello! Yes I got your email. It has been a long time. Thank you for understanding and also viewing my blog!
      Actually on the friends with benefits thing yes. A long time ago I realized that she was giving up orgasms for me and was ok with that. So I thought since I have never been a jealous person, and we tried having her with another man. To see her enjoy it so much made me feel so good that I could offer something to her. I think I will work on a new post on this and how it has helped our marriage.
      Again, thanks so much for the posts and the email. And as per your email, you do not need to apologize for telling others how small i was back when we were in college. I really don’t mind everyone knowing, so do not feel guilty.

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