Most Comfortable Panties

I told “C” one time, I wish they would make underwear out of the pantyhose material.  Super soft and stretchy.  Low and behold she found a lady on Etsy who hand makes them.  She has bikini and g-string styles.  They are super comfortable.  They hold the package very well, no matter how small.  They also are super stretchy to handle an erection.  These are definitely a must try.  Also “C” says they make my penis look larger for some reason.   lol.  Thank you anyway honey!  😉

I added a link to her Etsy page showing all the panties she makes.

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"R" (hubby)

We are a couple in our late 40's where the husband has an extra small penis. We have been married almost 25 years and have several wonderful children. Luckily we learned there not much that can be done about penis size, and he decided to just embrace being small. He figures, why have a complex about something you can not change. Our hopes are to help foster support for singles or couples, that are dealing with this issue not from a pyschological perspective, but from a logical one. To help share things we have overcome and hopefully learn new things from others' experiences, from both the husband and wives.

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  1. Thank you guys for doing this blog!
    Question. Im a bit of an exabitionist and have let one of my husbands friends see me masturbate a few times when he stays at our house. His friend does not know I know he was watching. We were thinking about letting him be my first bull. Your blog said your wife has been with a friend of yours. Can you ask her if it felt uncomfortable before and especially after she was with him? Would it be uncomfortable seeing him in other social situations?

    1. Sorry for the late reply. I missed this update for some reason.
      Yes, she has been with a good friend of ours and absolutely enjoyed it. She already felt comfortable around him. Though he can no longer play, they still chat and things are not weird at all.

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