By the way….

Oh by the way.  If you have been viewing my blog for a while you’ll notice all the missing posts.

Well something happened and I lost all the posts and didnt have the blog backed up.  Sucks.  But anyway I will try to recreate the missing posts and repost some of the pics since they still exist.

Why a Small Penis Support Blog?

I have always been a very confident person who long ago determined I can not change the fact that my penis is tiny.  It is what it is.   Instead, my wife and I both researched what workarounds, positions, etc work best for us.

My hopes are with this blog, that we can help others and save them lots of time and research and also let other men who are small and their spouses, ask any questions they would like.  There is no such thing as a dumb question, so we will answer any question asked of us.

So how are we experts you ask?

Well my penis is about 3.5 inches fully erect and about the girth of your finger.  Possibly for some women this would still work, but unfortunately my wife can not tell when my penis is inside her.  So we have to be creative.

For most women, there are many more important things in a relationship than penis size.  But for us lesser endowed men, we should at least search out and find what we can do to better the sex with our partners.