Ways to make your cuckold husband very happy!

1. Regularly make comments to your husband about other men you find attractive.

2. Remind your husband that you prefer larger cocks during sex.

3. Tell your husband about things your lover/s do better sexually.

4. Tell your husband whenever you have thoughts of sex with someone else.

5. Have your husband watch as you prepare yourself to go out on a date.

6. Have your husband pick out your clothes, jewelry and perfume to get you ready for your dates.

7. Wear sexy, revealing clothing in public.

8. Openly flirt with other men in front of your husband.

9. Socialize with other Hotwives or join a Hotwives/Cuckold group.

10. Require your husband to give you cash for your dates in case you need to get a hotel room.

11. Have your husband drive you and your lover around while you have sex in the back seat.

11. Make your husband watch you have sex.

12. Deny your husband the privilege of watching at other times. Never let him know which it will be.

13. Travel out of town on a business or weekend trip with another man.

14. Call your husband on the phone during sex with another man and let him listen in.

15. Fuck another man in your marital bed.

16. Fuck another man while your husband is at work or out of town, then let him know.

17. Fuck another man while your husband is in the next room.

18. Fuck another man, film it and let your husband watch it later.

19. When your husband watches you have sex, openly express how good it feels.

20. Do something with another man you haven’t done with your husband then tell your husband what you did.

21. Tell your husband every detail of a date afterward and get off on it together.

22. Fuck one of your husband’s friends.

23. Accompany a lover to a local swingers club as a couple.

24. Join your lover and a friend of his in a threesome (male or female).

25. Have sex in a semi-public place with a lover, then describe it to your husband.

26. Have your husband clean something in the house or do laundry, while you’re out on a date.

27. Have your husband pick out and pay for lingerie you will wear for your lover.

28. Compliment your lovers during sex and insure your husband overhears them.

29. Plan to go out of town overnight with your lover, and let your husband know.

30. Spend an entire night with a lover, that your husband didn’t know was planned.

31. Have a bisexual threeway experience with one of your lovers and another woman, and tell your husband.

32. Participate in group sex with several men then tell your husband.

33. Participate in a swingers orgy then tell your husband.

34. Instead of asking your husband if he minds you going on a date.  Just tell him, “oh by the way, I have a date with so-and-so Friday night so I’ll need you to watch the kids and get 4 loads of laundry done”

35. Feel free to let your friends know that your husband has a tiny penis and even show a photo from your phone.

36. Let your friends know your husband prefers wearing panties due to his penis being so small.  They just provide better support as men’s bikini undies, the pouch is too large for him.

37. Even better, if they don’t believe you, have him show them.

38. Next time at Walmart take your husband to the lingerie section and pick out a pair of panties and say, “hey honey do you like these panties?  They are similar to the pair your wearing now”. Say it very non-chalant and so that others can hear.

39.  Sometime when you have your girlfriend over, say to your husband, “Honey your panties are showing” in a way that your girl friend overhears it.

40. Meet your lover at the beach at night and either make out or give him a blowjob, while your husbands stands lookout.

41. Let your lover know he/she/they can also make fun of your husbands tiny penis, that you welcome it.

42. Text your lover(s) while you are having sex with your husband, and tell your lover how much you miss his big cock.  Its not like you can tell your husbands tiny penis is inside you anyway.

43. When your husbands buddies are over, make sure to wear a revealing top and go braless.  If one of his buddies makes a comment about your boobs or top, flash him your boobs, and say, “they are just boobs”.  Like its no big deal.


Small Penis Teasing?

So why would a guy with a tiny penis love to be teased about how small and tiny it is?

I think its totally accepting that my penis is tiny and I’ll be the first to say so, to even joke about.  Joking and laughing is great for the soul.  I absolutely love when “C” makes “small” jokes about my penis, teases me about it.  Its just great fun to make sure we are both alive sexually I guess.

Even my sister who has seen the blog, cracked a few jokes about my size once she realized I was such a good sport about it.  Everyone who knows me, knows I don’t take life to serious and I’m always cracking jokes.  Especially about myself.

We have a couple who are our best friends.  They have seen how small I am.  Once night we were leaving a bar and the husband, he ran over and just slapped me on the ass as a joke.  I laughed and said, “well at least you didn’t grab my dick”.  His wife responded, “He would have to find it first” and we all laughed.  I thought that was awesome!

Also I told our friend that I don’t mind her mentioning my tiny penis to other people. I told her I was quite ok with it, as Im ok with the whole world knowing.  So one night she showed another couple one of the pics above, to show them how tiny I was.  The next day she told us she felt bad for doing that.  We both told her, we didn’t mind at all.  I thought that was awesome!  I told her she can show the pic to whomever she wants.  Hell, tell them my exact size. 3.8 inches erect.  I stopped rounding up.  😉  I really hope she does show the pic more often.  I actually look forward to the next time she tells us she showed the pic again!  Its not a big deal at all.  (sorry, had to throw that in).  Hell, next party bring it up, I’ll laugh and say, “hell yeah, I’m hung like a church mouse!”  Why be ashamed of it, just embrace it.  I tried to let her know, its not being mean to me.  For me its freedom, not being ashamed about it, embracing it.

Basically, our best friends know that I’m ok with the whole world knowing how tiny I am, and by them joking about it, lets me know they are not uncomfortable  about the topic with me or “C”.  I think they are awesome people for accepting me having a tiny penis, and us doing the Surrogate Dick thing.  Instead of feeling weird around us, they can crack jokes or even just talk about my size and Surrogate Dicks.  Those are what you call true friends forever.

Everyone is asking where “C” got her robe for the shaving post

We got tons of emails asking where “C” got her robe she is wearing in the previous post on shaving.  She purchased it from Adore Me online.  www.adoreme.com

She has graciously offered to let me post a better photo of the robe, which I think most of us men will love and the wives can see what it looks like on a non-model on their website.


Shaving Down Under: Will it appear larger?

A lot of articles say that shaving your pubic hair will help make your small penis appear larger.  Well, since I usually stay shaven, I let the hair grow out a bit to see.  Well, since my penis flacid is only about 1/2 inch, you definately could not see it.  When erect I am 3.8 inches so the hair tends to cover about half.

When shaven you can now see all of my penis, so I guess it would look larger than if I had hair.  Though lucky for me ,my penis is fairly tiny to begin with, so shaved, or not shaved, does not really make a difference.  For me it does not matter, though I think “C” likes both of us shaven.   Sorry, I did not mean to include “C’s” boobs but I can not crop the photos and them still look centered.

Self-Acceptance Leads To Confidence


By happenstance I crossed path’s with a female friend from my high school days, by researching sex self-help on various websites.   After I said hello we messaged back and forth and I spoke about this blog to her.   She thought my blog was a great idea as she has known a few men who also had small penis’s which would not have been a problem, except they let their small size affect their confidence in the bedroom.

She is a very open minded person sexually and believes whatever works for a couple to have a great sex life and great relationship, is the right thing.  She said, “For a man to be able to openly talk about his penis being very small, is the ultimate acceptance of this fact and leads to better communication with his partner.

Most all sex therapists say the key to a great marriage and sex life is communication. “C” and I were married years before really began to communicate.  As I stated in another post.  Once I was able to finally tell her I realized my penis was too small for her body, she saw that it did not bother me
and we really begin to communicate for the first time in many years.  Once she finally admitted that she too realized my penis was too small for her body,  we both realized we can talk about anything having to do with sex and/or our relationship.

Basically for me its the old saying, “Why worry about what you can not change”.  I really admire “C” for finally being able to admit to me that my penis could not meet her sexual needs which was very difficult for her to say.  She did tell me she still loved me and we can just work around it just like any other issues couples face.

This was so wonderful for me.  Now I completely accepted the fact that my penis was very small but that I am ok with that.  And she completely accepted the fact that my penis was too small to meet her sexual needs, but she was ok with this also.  Wow, what a great wife I have!

“C” explained it this way:
“It’s the reassurance for me that even though I can not sexually meet her needs due to my very small size, she stays with me for the emotional bond and our love together.”

Wow, this made me realize, she is giving up a lot for me, which is true love.  So I began to think proactively and logically as to what I can do for her.

Aren’t You Afraid Your Friends or Family Will See This Blog?

The Answer: Not at all!

Why? A long time ago, I made the decision to embrace having a very small penis, and not have any anxiety or be insecure. Actually being open about my size and not embarrassed by it, is a great relief.

We have friends who know I’m small who I will even joke with about my size. Sometimes joking about it with them, helps reinforce that I am not in the least bit bothered by it. Some of them have even read this blog and think its awesome. They have learned that I do not need to hear, “oh its not small”, as I would prefer them to be honest and just admit, its small. I’m honest with myself that it’s small and I’m ok with that. My wife is honest that its small, and I actually appreciate the honesty.

Up until a few days ago, I was convinced I was 100% over all embarrassment. Then I sent a text accidentally to my sister mentioning something about my blog, though nothing about its content. She kept asking me about the blog and for the first time in a long time, I was completely embarrassed and thought no way did I want her knowing. My wife said, “I thought you were not embarrassed by your size and the blog, it seems you still are”. So I finally fessed up and said, “Its quite embarrassing”. She again said to just tell her what it was about, so I decided to just come clean and said it was a small penis support blog and provided her the link, while turning 10 shades of red.

As it turns out, she called me and immediately said, “You’re wrong, you’re not small!” I thanked her for trying to spare my feelings, but I told her my exact size and said I don’t have a complex or any hangup about my size. I know I’m very small and I am completely ok with it. I explained that the purpose of this blog was not to so much help those who fear they are too small, but to help those who realize they are small and are ok with it also. It’s also to help the wives with questions they might have if they are not sure how to ask their husband.

I explained to her how many years ago, I decided to not be embarrassed about having a very small penis. I said I did not need to hear “your not small”. Furthermore I explained how there can be things you have to deal with being small, like finding condoms that fit, sex positions that work for both husband and wife, etc, and I hoped to help others, so they did not have to reinvent the wheel with finding information.

My sister was completely supportive of what I was doing with the site and was relieved I’m really ok with being small. She just said, “I love you and I’m glad we are able to talk about this and if we can talk about your small penis, we can pretty much talk about anything which is awesome!” She joked, “When you said you had a very small penis, I was just trying to call to say you weren’t small but you had to go and convince me”. Haha, just telling the truth. She said, “So what that your really small, there are far worse things you could have in life”. Very true.

This conversion started out embarrassing, but turned into one of the best conversations. I learned she was actually glad I could confide in her, no matter what the topic is, and I in turn, was also quite grateful, that we could openly discuss any topic, no matter how embarrassing it might be. A great weight, that still existed, was instantly lifted off my shoulders. This meant quite a lot to me, more than she can know.

It’s not that I am proud to have a very small penis…..I am proud that I can embrace being very small.

He couldn’t really be that small?

Ok, so my wife said I needed to add a couple photos to the blog to show my size in order to show I can relate to all the topics and questions.  It is not for exhibitionist purposes as this blog is for educational purposes.

My erect size is 3.8 inches.

Here is one with the toilet paper roll test, and the other with a mini liquor bottle.



Goals For This Blog

For my wife and I, our goal is to help others with any advice we can.  We hope you can achieve a  better sex life through communication and/or using alternative methods.   Some may wonder how to talk to their partners about their size without hurting anyone’s ego.  Issues can arise like condoms slipping off, or how not to hurt anyone’s feelings when you want to purchase that large vibrator or dildo.

Single men are also more than welcome to ask for advice.

We are not licensed counselors or any of the such, we are just a couple who has been married over 20 years and have worked around my small penis in order to have a wild and crazy sex life.

“C” (wifey) and “R” (hubby)

Wow, This Guy Admits To Having A Very Small Penis!

So as it says in my profile information, I’m a 40-something married white Male with a penis less than 4 inches erect.  3.8 inches to be exact.  As far as girth, I’m also very thin.   If doing the toilet paper roll test, there is plenty of room to spare with my penis inside it, and no, it does not come out the other end.   Actually a toilet paper roll is 4.25 inches long.

I know this sounds crazy, but yes it’s true.

So why would a guy admit this to everyone?   Well, luckily I have always had a lot of self-confidence and instead of letting it become a complex, I embraced it.  Maybe because I am an Engineer, I tend to research everything and look for a solution.

My wife and I always had a good sex life though she never had a vaginal orgasm.  That is until she came across a large vibrator.  That changed everything.  She tried to make it seem as though it was no big deal so as to not hurt my feelings.  It did not.  I was just as excited that she could finally orgasm!
Instead of having a complex, I just admitted to her that I knew my penis was small.  Of course, she said the typical “no it’s just right” speech.  I just said, that it was ok, it didn’t bother me at all.  Then she admitted that possibly her body just required larger, thus the large vibrator.

Now our world changed!  Our sex life improved for the better and it actually was a major relief for me when she admitted I was too small for her.   I had always stressed a lot about not being able to provide her the pleasure that I wanted to.  I always had performance anxiety.  That all ended that day.

Does that mean we do not have intercourse?  Of course not.  We now just have many creative avenues with our sex life.  And I no longer have to stress out about trying to make her orgasm vaginally as we know it is not going to happen, but if does, great!  So instead I became an expert in using toys, oral, and fingers to bring her to multiple orgasms.

Basically, sex should not be stressful, but relaxing and pleasurable.  We both enjoy it now, by being creative and through alternative means.